The Man

One day, out of the blue, a man will come along. When you meet, you'll immediately know he's good. Good in a Godly way. Different from all the others.

Gentleness and kindness will pour out of him. He will be tender and understanding of you and the past that broke you. He will sweep up all the shards of your shattered heart and one by one put them back into place, making you feel whole once again.

He will pursue you. All your quirks and imperfections, your laugh and smile will mean more to him than anything else. He will accept you for who you are and will be ever so grateful to have you in his life.

He will laugh and cry with you. Hold you and support you. He will do anything to keep you.

This man will not be selfish. He will not be after sex. He will neither hurt you nor speak poorly to you or about you. He will never be mean just to see you cry.

He will be interested in getting to know you. You. The real you. The you that you've hidden within the dark chasm between your ribs. The place where your tender heart once beat freely, but now remains under lock and key. The you that's covered up with forced smiles and perfect makeup in order to veil your hurt.

This man will never compare you to other women or tell you to change. He will be crazy about you just the way you are. You will never feel self-conscious around him or fearful of what he thinks.

He will not push you into marriage quickly. He will be considerate of your time and your need to be shown that good men do exist. He will understand you were lied to and manipulated. He will work arduously to make sure you feel safe.

He will be a gentleman. He will do what he says, when he says. He will always text back. He will call you just to talk. He'll be interested in every word that comes out of your mouth and will try his hardest to make you laugh, just to see what joy looks like across your beautiful face.

He will put you second only to God.

This man will adore your children and if needed, will fill the dusty shoes left empty by the last man who wasn't good enough for you and your babes. He will not think twice about doing so and suddenly, all the pieces that have been scattered around will return to their rightful place and all will be right in the world again.

He will put his family first and will move mountains to ensure they are taken care of. You'll needn't worry about him not coming home. You'll never need to worry about who he is texting because he will be an open book. Honesty will be his absolute best quality.

He will be strong and courageous. He will fight for your honor and for your love. He will never hit you or curse at you. You will never be called anything but loving names and touched with fondness.

He will be proud of you and will honor you with his words and actions. You need never fear his wrath as he will always make an effort to communicate when things go awry. Eggshells will not be scattered about for you to tiptoe around.

He will never play the victim, for you see, that's not what real men do.

The man God has chosen specifically for you will make you forget about past hurts. He will give you a future and allow your heart to break free. He will treasure it and care for it. Making sure it is never broken again.

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